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In our effort to enhance your shopping experience, we offer a service to help you save even more when shopping with us!

Our Ingles AdvantageMail email service notifies you weekly when items you regularly buy are available at a reduced price! It's like having a personal shopper scan the weekly ad and identify the best deals for you!!

Here's how it works:

We will look through the weekly ad each week and identify the items that are on sale THAT YOU NORMALLY BUY!

Each Wednesday morning, you'll receive an email from us that will feature the top 9 items from that week's ad based on your shopping history.

You'll still receive your regular printed weekly ad in your mailbox or newspaper, but with this FREE service, you'll never miss out on the best deals!

We hope this program is helpful to you and welcome your feedback. In each email you will find a comments section to let us know your thoughts on the program. Your ideas and suggestions will help us to make this service an important part of your shopping experience!

Sign up and start receiving your Ingles AdvantageMail Email! (Emails will be sent on Wednesday.)


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