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Party Trays

Party Trays - Fresh Fruit Tray

Fresh Fruit Tray

This platter overflows with a variety of delicious fresh fruits from juicy melons and fresh strawberries, to sweet seedless grapes and many other luscious in-season fruits. This tray makes a beautiful centerpiece for any table and is always a hit with your guests. Note: Availability of fruits is seasonal.

One Size Tray - Serves 20 to 25.
Party Trays - Fruit & Veggie Tray

Fruit and Veggie Tray

A delicious assortment of the Freshest Fruit of the season and a bountiful harvest of Fresh Veggies.

An eye catching platter to complement any occasion.

One Size Tray - Serves 20 to 25.
Party Trays - Veggie Party Tray

Veggie Party Tray

This crisp medley is a healthy favorite brimming with freshness from the garden.

Loaded with Fresh Cauliflower, Carrots, Celery, Cucumbers, Green Onions, Cherry Tomatoes and Black Olives, and anchored with a bowl of Zesty Party Dip.

Medium - Serves 12 to 16 / Large - Serves 20 to 25.
Party Trays - Connoisseur's Choice Tray

Connoisseur's Choice Tray

Our three most popular gourmet meats: Baked Ham, Turkey and Roast Beef sliced thin and piled high for an elegant tray that is great for creating a masterpiece of a sandwich.

You can also substitute flavors of each of the products if, for example, you prefer Honey Ham in place of Baked Ham. Medium - Serves 12 to 14. Large - serves 22 to 26.
Party Trays - Entertainer Tray

Entertainer Tray

Roast Beef, Baked Ham and Turkey Breast complemented by Swiss and Yellow American Cheeses with an Olive Relish is a sure crowd pleaser.

Pair this tray with our Decadent Cheesecake and Finishing Touch Platter for an instant party!

Medium - Serves 12 to 14. Large - serves 22 to 26.
Party Trays - Perfect Companion Tray

Perfect Companion Tray

This platter includes all of the toppings your guests will need to create a masterpiece of a sandwich. We include Shredded Lettuce, Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Sliced Onions, Dill Pickles, Banana Peppers, Jalapenos and Black Olives, Everyone will find their favorites on this tray.

Small - Serves 10 to 14. Medium - Serves 18 to 20. Large - Serves 24 to 26.
Party Trays - Elegant Cheese & Fruit Tray

Elegant Cheese & Fruit Tray

We take fresh Double Creme Brie, add Baby Blue Saga, Cheddar and Smoked Gouda and arrange them on a tray with sweet Green and Red Seedless Grapes rolled in sugar. Seasonal Fresh Fruits are the perfect accompanying rouch for this tray. One Size Tray. Serves - 14 to 16.
Party Trays - Cheese Charmer Tray

Cheese Charmer Tray

This cheese lover's choice makes a great platter to serve with an assortment of crackers for delightful snacking on for a wine and cheese party. our assortment includes: Swiss, Colby, Provolone, American, Hot Pepper and Smoked Gouda. Medium - Serves 15 to 18. Large - Serves 20 to 30.
Party Trays - Cheese Cube Tray

Cheese Cube Tray

Nibble away on this deliciously tasty assortment of cheeses.

This tray features 100% Real Colby, Cojack, Smoked Gouda, Swiss and Pepperjack Cheese Cubes, accompanied by Crackers and a Scrumptious Cheese Ball.

Medium - Serves 15 to 18. Large - Serves 20 to 30.
Party Trays - Shrimp Tray

Shrimp Tray

Ahoy, Mates! THis tray is a favorite with seafood lovers!

Find Neptune's treasure on this platter filled with delicious chilled Tail-On Shrimp and served with Lemon Slices and a Tangy Cocktail Sauce. Your guests will be impressed!

Medium - 3 Lbs of Shrimp. Large - 6 Lbs of Shrimp.
Party Trays - Sandwich Splendor Tray

Sandwich Splendor Tray

A delicious platter of 31 sandwiches prepared on freshly baked, light, fluffy croissants. An assortment of Baked Ham, Turkey and Roast Beef sandwiches with Swiss or American Cheese fill this elegant tray presentation. Also available with your choice of Chicken Salad, Ham, Tuna or Pimento Cheese.

One Size Tray - Servers 26 to 30.
Party Trays - Decadent Cheesecake Tray

Decadent Cheesecake Tray

The perfect ending to your party, this classic dessert is sure to please all your guests.

We take a variety of our rich New York Style Cheesecake slices and add Fresh Berries (in season) with our sweet Green and Red Seedless Grapes and fresh cut Pineapple.

One Size Tray - Serves 12.
Party Trays - Party Wraps Pinwheel Tray

Party Wraps Pinwheel Tray

A prepared platter of traditional Pinwheels.

Each consists of a variety of fresh-sliced Ham, Turkey, Cheese and Garden Veggies. Hand-rolled in a Soft Tortilla Shell, then layered around fresh in-store made Watergate Salad.

Medium - Serves 12 to 16. Large - Serves 22 to 26.
Party Trays - Pepperidge Farm Breads

Pepperidge Farm Breads

Choose from a variety of Tangy Ryes, Fresh Sourdough and Wheat Bread.

You can create your own delicious bread selection by visiting the bread aisle in your local Ingles Supermarket.

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Party Trays - Family Gathering Tray

Family Gathering Tray

A savory variety of fresh-sliced Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Corned Beef and your choice of Baby Swiss, Alpine Lace or Regular Swiss Cheese.

A masterfully prepared platter that's sure to please even the most discriminating palettes.

One Size Tray - Serves 18 to 21.
Party Trays - Fresh Deli Salads

Fresh Deli Salads

Our Salads are freshly made in-store daily. Each special recipe is measured and created in small batches to bring to you only the highest quality of taste in every bite.

The perfect complement to any meal.
Party Trays - Homestyle Brunch Tray

Homestyle Brunch Tray

We take our Fluffy Homestyle Biscuits and add a slice of our Country Style Sausage or delicious Country Ham Slices. Fresh sweet Green and Red Seedless Grapes are a great combination with our Light and Tender Biscuits. Perfect choice for any morning or afternoon event. Small - Serves 21 biscuits. Medium - Serves 30 biscuits.