Contests and Sweepstakes

Safe & Warm Contest

Nature of Contest and Governing Rules – Entrants are able to win one grand prizes through a random drawing of a Rinnai ductless heating system delivered and installed by Blossman Gas with a maximum value of $5,000. In addition, the winner will be awarded a propane tank installation, tank service, and a maximum of 250 gallons of propane gas within a year of the prize award. No additional tank or tank upgrade would be awarded or installed if the winner already has a functional propane tank. This system will not be retrofitted into any other fuel system, and must be claimed within 90 days of prize notification. The prize winner agrees to allow Ingles, Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry, Blossman Gas to use their likeness and voice in prize award print, radio, television, or electronic promotion. The entirety of the award must be installed in Buncombe County, and only connected for use in the homeowner’s single family dwelling. Any exceptions are at the discretion to approval of Blossman Gas. The prize award is transferable to another person for installation into a single family dwelling with the aforementioned conditions. Tank rental, refills, taxes, or and fees subsequent to the first year of propane fills and service are paid by the winner or party to whom the prize is transferred. See Blossman Gas on 170 Sweeten Creek Road, Asheville, NC 28803 for additional details. The prize is not redeemable for cash. The grand prize must be installed within Buncombe County, North Carolina. It is the sole decision of Blossman Gas to make any exception to this installation area. This prize is transferrable from the winner to a single family dwelling within the service area and conditions previously outlined for the initial winners. Blossman Gas reserves the right to assess each dwelling’s size and heating needs and adjust the type of unit offered and installed. The prize winner or those whom the grand prizes are transferred are responsible to pay for any taxes and fees associated with their award. Sponsors reserve the right to award different or additional prizes through the contest.

Eligibility: This award can only be awarded to US citizens eighteen years or older who own their own single family dwelling. Proof of such will be made soon after prize award notification. Those not eligible to win the prize include employees of Ingles, Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministries (ABCCM), and Blossman Gas, their participating vendors, their families and agencies therein.

Contest: No purchanse necessary. There are two contest eligibility requirements. First, customers are automatically registered into the random drawing to win the Blossman Gas prize each time they scan their Ingles Advantage Card and contribute a dollar for a Safe & Warm icon from January 19th, 2020 to February 15th, 2020. Each dollar donated, and icon purchased and scanned along with the scan of their Ingles Advantage Card is another entry chance to win the Blossman Gas prize. Second, one can enter by mailing a 3x5 card with their name, address, and phone number Ingles Markets Buncombe County Safe & Warm, PO Box 6676, Asheville, NC 28816. All legible entries must be received and postmarked no later than February 15, 2020 to be eligible to win. Winner will be contacted on or before March 31, 2020.

Contest Responsibility: Ingles, ABCCM, and their participating sponsors will not be responsible for any claims, liabilities, repairs, or damages arising out of, or in conjunction with, the services, merchandise, or other benefits obtained by the winner of this contest. By submitting an entry to this contest, entrant assumes all risk of harm to himself and others and agrees to indemnify all media partners and participating sponsors for any loss, damage or injury to the entrant or other participants in the contest. Ingles and their participating sponsors are not responsible for loss, damage or injury to the winner through the use of this prize. Any rule changes after the contest begins must not disadvantage contest participants and must be announced promptly and conspicuously. All questions concerning the interpretation of these rules should be directed to Ingles Supermarkets, Attention: Melissa Leavell, (828) 669-2941 Ingles’ decisions are final. A copy of these rules and regulations will be retained and available for Public Inspection at the Ingles website: